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Empaths and Empathy
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Empathy: directly feeling emotions whose source is not yourself; experiencing the emotions of others.

This is a community for empaths and those interested in empathy; to share stories, questions, and advice.

We have a fairly wide variety of people here. This includes different religions, different worldviews, and different interpretations of just what Empathy "is". Some of us have been like this for as long as we can remember; some just realized it a week ago.

One spinoff community you may wish to consider is academic_empath - for those empaths who are nonetheless of an logical/analytical viewpoint. It's further described in its userinfo.

Please read this post and the FAQs below before posting to this community, so that you know what is on-topic and the answers to the more common newbie questions.

Here is a listing of "best of" posts by members. If you have something you really liked, add it there. Here is a listing of techniques used by members. If you have one to share, post it there.

Shielding and Grounding

This is the absolute most asked-about topic (especially for new folk). Related ones include crowd-sickness, inability to be around unhappy people, physical sickness as a byproduct, negative recursive cycles, violation of (your) personal boundaries, often feeling "overwhelmed", feeling as if under constant attack, strange headaches & bodyaches, etc.

Here is a thread about techniques to use. Remember, however, that YMMV is particularly true of things as intensely personal and abstractly ethereal as this. Figure out what works best for you, and work on it.

It's not absolutely necessary, for that matter, to maintain shields - some find it to be limiting and/or draining. Do stay grounded, though, as that has very big benefits and nil drawbacks. You can work out a hybrid version, too; again, whatever works best for you.


New (and old!) empaths have many questions. Often the same questions are repeated. shaadofala has compiled this FAQ for everyone to read in hopes it may answer some important questions you may have.

Please keep in mind these are from posts that members have started and replied to. It is our opinion and a form of guidance to the inexperienced. Your mileage may vary.

General Empaths Survey
Ages Survey
Legalities Poll
Relatives' empathy poll
Zodiac signs
Gender/Orientation Poll
Collective Results From Gender/Orientation Poll
Religion Poll
Poll on Precognitive Flashes
Poll Summary of the Empaths in the Community

What Is Empathy?
From a Non-Empathic Viewpoint
Personal Definitions
From the Dictionary and Thorns View Point
Poll Concerning the development/creation of empathic Abilities

How Do I Ground/Shield?
Techniques of the Community
Grounding Techniques
Shielding From Crowds
Explinations of Shielding/Grounding
Noise Shielding
Shielding Techniques

How Can I Develop My Empathic Abilities? - Questions/Answers To Help Aid Your Practice
Discussion on "mental radar"
Discussion on "empathic residue"
Discussion on Pros and Cons of Detatchment
Discussion on Transference
Discussion on Communication With the "spirit world"
Demonstration/Study on Empathic "energy"

Helpful Sites
A Post Of Helpful Links

We hope this helps. After you have reviewed these posts, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Welcome to the Community :}


jnanacandra founded this community, but is no longer an active maintainer.

* No off-topic posts (e.g., no quizzes). These may be deleted with or without warning.
* No trolling. If you see a troll, report them to a moderator. Do NOT feed trolls.
* Be comprehensible; if people can't understand you, then try to explain so they can.
* Be nice!
* Respect others' views. That doesn't mean automatically agreeing with them, but respecting that they're rational people too.

Willful violation of rules will get you a warning.
Second time gets you removed from the community (though you can add yourself back).
Third time gets you banned. Play nice. ;-)

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The layout and icon were designed by lightningbolt69. The background face pic was taken from http://www.cuttergallery.com/Marsh%20Pages/Print%20pages/Empathy.htm.

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