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Some Important Questions

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and a whole lot more research, and practicing and testing of my own empathic and psychic abilities. But mostly research, which thus far has equated to me watching a great number of documentaries that deal with empaths, psychics, occultism, and tons of other forms and off shoots that equally deal with those topics. While there are many skeptics, at least half of all the stuff I have found has proven skeptical. The other half seems to definitely support the existence of empaths/psychics and components of extra sensory perception. While watching some of these documentaries, I had ran into the tale of "Edgar Cayce" who apparently, aside from being one of the best prophets/empathy/healers/hypnotist/regression therapists ever, started a foundation called the "Association for Research and Enlightenment", which holds all of his archives and a host of other stuff. The following link leads to thier web site, Whats more, the man actually founded a university in 1930 as well, "Atlantic University", which is as far as I know the only college or university in existence for psychics, empaths, or any other similar group. Aside form the obvious military ones. So my question is this, do any of you know of any other colleges, universities, or groups which offer courses and classes specifically for empaths/psychics, and those with any form of extra sensory perception? Not to insult anyone's intelligence here, but, just thought it should be known that in academia, the realm of e.s.p. is commonly referred to parapsychology, or in worse instances, the occult. Oddly enough, in most of the research I've been doing, I am finding more information about those with e.s.p when the documentary is about the occult, or magic, or secret stuff etc...anyone else have any info on this? Of course obviously, I havn't even begun to hit the books yet. One last question, how many of you who read this are women, how many are men, what are your thoughts on reproduction and its importance among those who are empathic, psychic, or possessive of any form of e.s.p.? Feel free to message me your answers if need be.
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I don't recall the exact name but I'm told there's one out here in CA..Berkeley Institute or something along those lines. I think it would be quite interesting to attend one of their seminars but I have not looked into it yet. I could use an encouraging environment to actually try to start understanding and making use of my abilities again.

I'm female and have not put any consideration into reproduction based on abilities other than the fact I'm financially unable to support myself much less a child right now. I would like to put my abilities into use in helping my clients and contributing directly, but if and when I reproduce, that decision will be made mutually with my partner and I. I do not want to hold any expectations for my child that they will have or want to use any abilities, but allow them to choose their own paths.
Yeah, I hear ya on the reproduction aspect.

About stuff for psychics and empaths in C.A. I know there is something to do with Berkley and its an institute with four facilities in four separate locations. After reviewing their information however they did not seem very choice in my opinion. I have found however, through a book that someone has lent me, its also in C.A. its called the institute for clairvoyance, or something close to that. Although her school isn't actually accredited, from the looks of things, her experience and resources, she has worked with people and trained with people and trains people that work for and with law enforcement, and government agencies as psychics and remote viewers. The Edgar Cayce website also links many sub locations by region, there may be some of them in your area.
I would like to see maybe panel type discussions in my area instead of a seminar where there would be more sharing instead of "teaching."

I myself am childfree, which means I don't have children, and have no plans to have any, so I don't think reproduction is important at all. LOL!!!

Again, I think if you follow the links on the Edgar Cayce website and find the link that says in your area, or near you, you will find a page that has links to locations which may be closer to you.