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ugh... OTL

Hey so... a lot has happened and I just need opinions. So first at the freshmen orientation I was EXTREMELY happy to see all my friends together again... so happy in fact that I tackle hugged my friend to the floor in the middle of a walk way... now I don't know if I like.... I don't know... "absorbed" all the happiness in the room so i became overwhelmed... or i was just being a idiot... it was probably me being a idiot. Second, Both my neighbors have been in the hospital. The one is a really good friend of mine and the other is like a second mom to me. well my mom and I went over to the one that's like a mom to me's house to clean and right after entering I felt tired and sad and I don't know if I was being drained... I have no clue. And last, I had a horrible time sleeping last night, I kept waking up in the middle of the night... which is strange for me right now because I always come home exhausted from field hockey try-outs. Well i wake up this morning to find out that my other neighbor died... is there a connection that I couldn't sleep the night he died? I honestly don't know at the moment. 
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