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Hi... Im new so... I was wondering if anywon could help me?

Hi... I umm... just recently learned that i am a empath and well... i want to learn how to control this and make it stronger so i can help people. Alot of people in my life need me to help them and i want to be there for them and to do my best. So i was wondering if anybody new anything that could help me? At first for awhile i thought i was a physic (or however you spell it) but i just recently... more like about a hour ago discovered that I'm a empath and reading things about empaths scared me. All that energy draining stuff made me get scared that i was hurting people by being a empath. I find that whenever I'm anywhere near a person i take on their emotions. even if i don't know them. I could just pass a complete stranger in the hall and feel their emotions and know about them. I always thought i was weird and i spent the whole beginning of last year (8th grade) feeling like i didn't fit in. Like i wasn't "normal". Its just a lot to take in and i was wondering if anyone could teach me and help me to control this for the better? That would help me so much because well... this kind-of scares me and... i want to embrace it. And sorry if this isn't how this entry stuff works... i just made a account to this site like a half hour ago so I'm still trying to get the hang of it =__=" thank you! 
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