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Empaths and Empathy

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New [27 Sep 2012|01:37pm]
HeHello I am a British single mother trying to understand being an empath in a aspergers birth family with a teen son who seems to be both?
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Really odd question [26 Jun 2012|12:05pm]

Has anyone ever had their empathic ability disappear and then come back?

I've had a four year hiatus from being empathic. It was disconcerting and disorienting at the time it started but I've adapted and now I am used to not picking up on other people's emotions. Suddenly it seems like my ability is trying to make a comeback. I've never heard of an experience like this before and I'm wondering what to expect. Has anyone been down this road?

I originially lost the ability after taking a medication that turned out to be bad for me. I was only on it for a couple of months. My empathy didn't return after discontinuing it. That last fact is what puzzles me about why it would be coming back now. It seems like it would either have gone forever or come back right after I stopped taking the bad medicine. Right now it seems very sporadic and I can't tell whether it is going to even out into what it once was or if it's going to shut down again. I'm also not really sure how I feel about either of those possibilites.
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CogSai: What is empathy? [05 Jun 2012|10:47pm]

Hi all, old mod here. Thought y'all might like a video I just made for my YouTube channel CogSai:


Also, modhat wise: anything y'all need tending to? I haven't really been paying attention in quite a while, so if you need something done (or there's someone more active who should get mod privileges), please let me know.
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[02 Feb 2012|04:28pm]

This may seem like a strange question...

but have any of you experience dealing with bad energy from spirits/ghosts?
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Hello. What are your thoughts please. [27 Nov 2011|12:18pm]

Hello. I'm new to this site and the concpt of empathy. From what I understand empthy is based in future telling dreams and spirits, right? I'm asking because I would like your thoughts on some things. See, many members of my father's family (myself included) have had dreams that have come true at a latter date. My father dreamed of my grandfather dieing a few years before it happened, and my dreams have mostly been school related. Things like taking a math test with a boy from my class or a conversation with my friends or a certain event. The thing is that for myself and all of my family, these dreams stopped when we all were around 10. The only exception is a great aunt who had a lot of behaviors/symptons of "ESP", but because this was the 1930's she was put into a mental insatuation, and as nobody ever talked about her I don't know for certain weather or not she truly was meantly ill. Do you think that I and my family could have possesed empathy or whatever at one point, or was this just a natural occurance? Why did it stop?

Another thing is my dreams. Normally my dreams are really strange and not worth mentioning. Every once in a while however, I have a dream in which someone is knocking at my bedroom door or I will hear a female voice calling my name and telling my that it is time to wake up. The really strange part is not only do I instantly wake when I hear the knocking or the voice, but the time is always my ushal wake up time. Could these dreams simply be my body's internal clock activating, or could the voices and the knocking belong to a spirit? Because the voices are female, I am inclinded to think that they may belong to one of my grandmother's, both of whom have passed away within the past six years. I also think that this may be likley becuase I have seen and heard spirits my whole life, most fequantly while in the house that I am living in now, which belonged to one of my grandmother's. What do you think?
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Thoughts on reincarnation & past life regression [13 Oct 2011|04:07pm]

[ mood | curious ]

For those of you who believe in reincarnation: Do you think the fact you are an empath plays into your previous lives? What are your thoughts on this? Have any of you had past life regression? If so, what did you learn that connected you with being an empath in this life? Just some things I've been thinking about lately :)

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Important Quesiton [28 Aug 2011|04:43am]

How long has the shielding information been int he community profile?
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Some Important Questions [25 Aug 2011|05:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and a whole lot more research, and practicing and testing of my own empathic and psychic abilities. But mostly research, which thus far has equated to me watching a great number of documentaries that deal with empaths, psychics, occultism, and tons of other forms and off shoots that equally deal with those topics. While there are many skeptics, at least half of all the stuff I have found has proven skeptical. The other half seems to definitely support the existence of empaths/psychics and components of extra sensory perception. While watching some of these documentaries, I had ran into the tale of "Edgar Cayce" who apparently, aside from being one of the best prophets/empathy/healers/hypnotist/regression therapists ever, started a foundation called the "Association for Research and Enlightenment", which holds all of his archives and a host of other stuff. The following link leads to thier web site, http://www.edgarcayce.org/ Whats more, the man actually founded a university in 1930 as well, "Atlantic University", which is as far as I know the only college or university in existence for psychics, empaths, or any other similar group. Aside form the obvious military ones. So my question is this, do any of you know of any other colleges, universities, or groups which offer courses and classes specifically for empaths/psychics, and those with any form of extra sensory perception? Not to insult anyone's intelligence here, but, just thought it should be known that in academia, the realm of e.s.p. is commonly referred to parapsychology, or in worse instances, the occult. Oddly enough, in most of the research I've been doing, I am finding more information about those with e.s.p when the documentary is about the occult, or magic, or secret stuff etc...anyone else have any info on this? Of course obviously, I havn't even begun to hit the books yet. One last question, how many of you who read this are women, how many are men, what are your thoughts on reproduction and its importance among those who are empathic, psychic, or possessive of any form of e.s.p.? Feel free to message me your answers if need be.

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ugh... OTL [17 Aug 2011|01:17pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Hey so... a lot has happened and I just need opinions. So first at the freshmen orientation I was EXTREMELY happy to see all my friends together again... so happy in fact that I tackle hugged my friend to the floor in the middle of a walk way... now I don't know if I like.... I don't know... "absorbed" all the happiness in the room so i became overwhelmed... or i was just being a idiot... it was probably me being a idiot. Second, Both my neighbors have been in the hospital. The one is a really good friend of mine and the other is like a second mom to me. well my mom and I went over to the one that's like a mom to me's house to clean and right after entering I felt tired and sad and I don't know if I was being drained... I have no clue. And last, I had a horrible time sleeping last night, I kept waking up in the middle of the night... which is strange for me right now because I always come home exhausted from field hockey try-outs. Well i wake up this morning to find out that my other neighbor died... is there a connection that I couldn't sleep the night he died? I honestly don't know at the moment. 

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Gotta question... [23 Jul 2011|05:21pm]

[ mood | tired ]

So I was just texting a friend of mine who has depression and I was wondering... can you get drained from a text message?? Because he was talking to me about life stuff and why he became depressed and all and I think I was getting drained a little... but I don't know if that's even possible when texting somebody... any answers? Thanks!! ^_^

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Hi... Im new so... I was wondering if anywon could help me? [18 Jul 2011|10:26pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi... I umm... just recently learned that i am a empath and well... i want to learn how to control this and make it stronger so i can help people. Alot of people in my life need me to help them and i want to be there for them and to do my best. So i was wondering if anybody new anything that could help me? At first for awhile i thought i was a physic (or however you spell it) but i just recently... more like about a hour ago discovered that I'm a empath and reading things about empaths scared me. All that energy draining stuff made me get scared that i was hurting people by being a empath. I find that whenever I'm anywhere near a person i take on their emotions. even if i don't know them. I could just pass a complete stranger in the hall and feel their emotions and know about them. I always thought i was weird and i spent the whole beginning of last year (8th grade) feeling like i didn't fit in. Like i wasn't "normal". Its just a lot to take in and i was wondering if anyone could teach me and help me to control this for the better? That would help me so much because well... this kind-of scares me and... i want to embrace it. And sorry if this isn't how this entry stuff works... i just made a account to this site like a half hour ago so I'm still trying to get the hang of it =__=" thank you! 
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[30 Jun 2011|08:05am]

Yesterday I was speaking with someone I only see about once a month. Since the last time I'd talked to him, he'd injured himself pretty badly while playing baseball. We talked about it for awhile. He had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. I wasn't consciously thinking about it but I wasn't really picking up any discomfort while he was talking to me (which is fine with me since broken bones don't feel good). It wasn't until about a half hour after the left that I suddenly got really sharp rib pain. The fact that it was delayed like that is weird. Usually it either comes through when I'm talking to a person or it doesn't come through at all. I wonder what made the feeling come through later?
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A Littel Something on Telepathy [13 Apr 2011|12:46pm]

Decided to share this.

If you have it or any semblance of it, let me know, would love to talk to a kindred spirit about it.

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Wow. Just... wow. [22 Mar 2011|01:56am]

Experience: I feel other people's pain
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Hi [02 Feb 2011|07:19pm]

I'm new to the comm, I'm 23, female, and I've known i was an empath since I was 16, the same time that I really got into Wicca. I was wondering if anyone has ever used stones like magnetite or hematite to help with shielding. I have a necklace made out of it that helps in large crowds or drunk gatherings, but I've found that if I wear it to sleep, I have really weird, sometimes bad, dreams.

Does anyone know how to combat that besides me taking my necklace off and taking my chances?
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a mater of cureosity [09 Dec 2010|03:15pm]

the above is a link to a real four pont personality test that was developed some time ago.
my personality type is INFJ,
i was wondering what others here are.
more spicificaly, are empathic/psychic types more likely to be INFJ then other types and the general population ( as segested )
->not that it would take much
I' taken this test a lot and in other forms and have always scored strong INFJ.
there is only one person in the world I have ever alowed close enough that they can effect me from any place, as they have an lj and it did not go well I wont refrance them.
I have found that I am able to read people over the phone or internet when they are on - via a shared room tipe thing.
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Greetings to my fellows... [09 Dec 2010|10:19am]

I have kind of a question, but also a story to share about how important we are. We may see our empathy as a curse, but something happened last night that made me realize how vital we are.

I'm currently studying abroad in London (leaving tomorrow). As you can imagine there's been so much we've had to do, so we've been very busy, especially with final exams and everything. I've been picking up a lot of stress resonance, but I've just kinda written it off and moved. But last night, we were walking home from a show (something we had to do for a class) when something unexpected happened.

There's this girl in our group who suffers from a whole cocktail of anxieties. Last night, she had a full blown panic attack and I was the only one there. I don't know how or why, but she calmed down really quickly as soon as I held her and got her to sit down. There was so much raw emotional energy, but it didn't irritate me like it usually does.

My question to you is: does this sort of thing happen to other empaths? Is it something to do with the sheer raw emotion or is there something else at work here?

I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can give! I'm still really new at this and kind of testing my limits (as it were).
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partnership [30 Oct 2010|11:36pm]

hello everyone. my question is very brief and I apologise if this has been asked before in different terms:

I just want to know how you manage your empathy in relationships. I actually left a relationship almost 6 months ago partly because my empathy could not support the amount of difficult emotion that I was having to transform for the other person and I am starting to see that this may be a repeating pattern at the moment.

what do you do? creating powerful boundaries with someone who you are intimate with seems nearly impossible.

do you try to transform the emotion and carry on?

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Question [30 Oct 2010|12:50pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I have a question that i find interesting and every time i want to ask someone about it i get distracted.

I have taken several of these are you psychic tests online and score abnormally low on average to me. I know these tests are dreadfully wrong just from my life experiences.

I know what most people are going through just from a few words in there txts or online, i get feelings that certain people need me at times and im almost never wrong. just yesterday i reached out to someone i had not spoken to in almost a year, turns out shes stressed and questioning herself, she just needed someone to vent to and give her hope. oddly enough she was not surprised i showed up when i did lol.

back to my question though, i take these tests and im always low but if im distracted or not really focusing on things i seems to always pick the thing i need. for example wheni come in to work in the morning if the elevator is not there yet ill walk over to one (out of 5) and look at the light and 9 out of 10 times thats the next one that shows up, if im very relaxed as a game i will choose the next 3 elevators to show up and the order more than half the time the 3 i pic show up and in the order i see them coming in. sometimes just to make sure i am not just choosing the one that happened t be there ill ecen touch the door of the one i want to open next and again if im doing it out of play or not really serious im right. if i try to force it though im almost always 100% wrong.

and ideas or suggestions?

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Is it possible to dream someone else's dream? [18 Oct 2010|03:28pm]

I'm asking because I had an insanely vivid dream last night where I was a grandfather who used a wheelchair for mobility fighting for custody of my two grandchildren after the death of my daughter.  I felt I was being discriminated against in custody because of my disability--since my wife worked I would be the primary care giver at home.  Anyway, it was so vivid, like a movie, I could see the two children, a little boy and a little girl.  I heard the discouragement in my wife's voice, she was working so hard to get money to pay for lawyers and to try to get us a bigger place so the children could have their own rooms.  I felt how difficult it was to get to some of the offices by bus to meet with caseworkers and officials, how hard it was to navigate those old buildings with my wheelchair.  I felt a deep guilt over "losing my daughter" though the dream never fully explained what happened to her.  Instead it was just like a piece out of someone's life.  However, this wasn't the life of anyone I know and as far as I can remember it wasn't sparked by any movies or articles or anything like that.
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