Galixie (galixie) wrote in empaths,

Really odd question

Has anyone ever had their empathic ability disappear and then come back?

I've had a four year hiatus from being empathic. It was disconcerting and disorienting at the time it started but I've adapted and now I am used to not picking up on other people's emotions. Suddenly it seems like my ability is trying to make a comeback. I've never heard of an experience like this before and I'm wondering what to expect. Has anyone been down this road?

I originially lost the ability after taking a medication that turned out to be bad for me. I was only on it for a couple of months. My empathy didn't return after discontinuing it. That last fact is what puzzles me about why it would be coming back now. It seems like it would either have gone forever or come back right after I stopped taking the bad medicine. Right now it seems very sporadic and I can't tell whether it is going to even out into what it once was or if it's going to shut down again. I'm also not really sure how I feel about either of those possibilites.
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