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Hello. What are your thoughts please.

Hello. I'm new to this site and the concpt of empathy. From what I understand empthy is based in future telling dreams and spirits, right? I'm asking because I would like your thoughts on some things. See, many members of my father's family (myself included) have had dreams that have come true at a latter date. My father dreamed of my grandfather dieing a few years before it happened, and my dreams have mostly been school related. Things like taking a math test with a boy from my class or a conversation with my friends or a certain event. The thing is that for myself and all of my family, these dreams stopped when we all were around 10. The only exception is a great aunt who had a lot of behaviors/symptons of "ESP", but because this was the 1930's she was put into a mental insatuation, and as nobody ever talked about her I don't know for certain weather or not she truly was meantly ill. Do you think that I and my family could have possesed empathy or whatever at one point, or was this just a natural occurance? Why did it stop?

Another thing is my dreams. Normally my dreams are really strange and not worth mentioning. Every once in a while however, I have a dream in which someone is knocking at my bedroom door or I will hear a female voice calling my name and telling my that it is time to wake up. The really strange part is not only do I instantly wake when I hear the knocking or the voice, but the time is always my ushal wake up time. Could these dreams simply be my body's internal clock activating, or could the voices and the knocking belong to a spirit? Because the voices are female, I am inclinded to think that they may belong to one of my grandmother's, both of whom have passed away within the past six years. I also think that this may be likley becuase I have seen and heard spirits my whole life, most fequantly while in the house that I am living in now, which belonged to one of my grandmother's. What do you think?
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