ashgaelsonaria (ashgaelsonaria) wrote in empaths,

a mater of cureosity
the above is a link to a real four pont personality test that was developed some time ago.
my personality type is INFJ,
i was wondering what others here are.
more spicificaly, are empathic/psychic types more likely to be INFJ then other types and the general population ( as segested )
->not that it would take much
I' taken this test a lot and in other forms and have always scored strong INFJ.
there is only one person in the world I have ever alowed close enough that they can effect me from any place, as they have an lj and it did not go well I wont refrance them.
I have found that I am able to read people over the phone or internet when they are on - via a shared room tipe thing.
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