Her Royal Highness Consuela Destiny Shaniqua Arnaz (holly_go_noor) wrote in empaths,
Her Royal Highness Consuela Destiny Shaniqua Arnaz

living with a psychic vampire

I've read lots of books, entries, and spoken to people about psychic self-defense.

My huge - HUGE - problem is that my husband is a psychic vampire. Regular defense techniques don't work with him. Everything I read about dealing with them is "limit your time" and leave if you can - but neither of those is an option. Like all psychic vampires he's VERY VERY clingy, and if he can't engage me in one way he finds another. No matter how much I do to protect myself, he somehow finds a way to drain me!

Leaving isn't an option right now.

Is there anything else I should be doing since I live with a psychic vampire?
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